Thursday, 29 November 2012


It's been raining crazy here. No winter, just our normal monsoon.
East Coast's islands are all closed. Travelling anywhere is a chore due to school holidays.

Meanwhile, I am dreaming and planning to go to Cambodia again. When I was there, the first thing I had in my mind was to bring my children there one day. To see a different set of life. To experience the culture.

I want to go and see this - again. THE Angkor Wat.
This picture was taken in 2008...about a year after I started blogging. Sorry, blog..I have neglected you, but never my blog buddies. They are always on my mind.  However, my blogging groove has come back (sort of haha!). You all know I cannot live long without blogging somehow :)

 Till then...soon...back to blog land yay!!


  1. A place I would also love to see. Fantastic photo. Keep well Diane

  2. Wonderful photograph and fantastic header, M.Kate.
    Thank you for your lovely message. I used the beautiful fabric you sent me at my mothers celebration! WIll send you a photo.
    Bon Voyage!

  3. My daughter went there in 2009. I'd love to see it too, but I didn't win the $550,000,000 lottery yesterday, so that trip and all the others in my mind are on hold for awhile longer!

  4. Life gets busy, M Kate -- we all understand! Blog when you can!

    Hugs, Pat

  5. Di mana awak pergi? U come on, then off, making me wonder where and how you are.

    Your son's arm how?

  6. Always a happy visit..I have gotten lazy too..but wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas..
    Have a wonderful holiday..sending love and blessings..Carolyn/Rosebud.
    Love that cat..what a cute face.

  7. Hi M Kate! Hope you are having a great season! Sorry for the absence, but 2012 was definitely a difficult year here in Portugal, and even worse for me...
    Wish you a very Happy 2013, and enjoy Grenada in Blogtrotter Two!

    Wonderful Angkor Wat!!

  8. Hi M Kate, my best wishes Happy New year to you and your family!

  9. Angkor Wat Archeological Park is spectacular 12th century wonder. It is among my beloved destinations in Cambodia. Cambodia Adventure Tours

  10. Hi hope all is well with you


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