Wednesday, 13 June 2012

AYUTTHAYA - Wat Phanan Choeng

On my last trip to Thailand, I went to Ayutthaya, the ancient city and old capital of Thailand. The tour guide took us here, Wat Chanan Choeng - the largest Buddha figure in Thailand. This figure is 19 meters in height and 21 meters in width. Here's sharing some photos:

Outside the temple, people praying.

Beautiful lotuses for offering.

Inside the temple:

They were changing the clothes of this Buddha statue, so it was packed and crammed with people inside.

Some of my favourite shots.

How interesting. A donation tree, money on banana trunk.

The was really a busy day for all.

Outside a Chinese temple, as usual with their dragon coiling around most pillars.

Happy week ahead :)


  1. Hope to visit Ayutthaya one of these days. Lovely pictures and hope your wishes come true like the worshippers.

  2. VERY exciting to see! And of course, you know I'm loving those pictures with the big, golden Buddha. :o) Happy Day, M.Kate ((HUGS))

  3. What an interesting Buddha, loved the photo's with the people next to the Buddha. Are they monks? BTW, I really like your new blog header.


  4. Beautiful pics M Kate. I had to think in terms of swimming pools to get my head around just how immense the statue was. The patterns on the pillars are beautiful. Of course I have a soft spot for the beautiful dragon guardians. :-)

  5. I thought maybe I had missed a post...and I have! I was trying to see what clothes the Buddha was wearing and then I realized how huge the statute is. That is amazing! Wonderful photos my friend!

  6. Hi M Kate!
    It is so good to see you are blogging again! I love the golden Buddhasin Thailand!

    I have been very busy the last 6 months--my Mother passed away in January-- very suddenly--and it took my husband and myself three months of daily work to empty her home so it could be sold. Meanwhile, I was planning my daughter's wedding--she lives 2,000 miles away and so most of the details were left up to me. So It was sad times changing to happy times--all busy times :) Now that the wedding has passed and my Mom's house is sold I am slowing getting back to routine, although I still feel exhausted.

    I hope all has been well with you and your lovely famiy!


  7. Kate,

    You better come early, otherwise, I might not be here to show you around. The weather is so lousy that I am tired of it. Caught a cold/flu more than 4 weeks, still not 100%.

  8. That is one BIG golden Buddha ! Thank you for sharing your photographs M.Kate! So magical to see your world!
    Hope you will have a great weekend, friend! That all is well for you and yours!

  9. What wonderful pictures..I love Buddha..I always think of one of his wonderful sayings.."Hate is like a hot coal, it only burns the one holding it."..I keep that saying close to my heart.
    Hope all is well with everyone there..sending love and blessings from here..Carolyn

  10. Striking to see such a big Buddha! Thanks for sharing all of this and more!!


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